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Thursday, December 9, 2014

Going In To Business Sale!

You are probably thinking, "Aren't you already IN business?"

Well, yes.

However we are trying to get licensing so that we can put Crumbfulls for sale at some local resellers.

Licenses are pricey and, as delicious as these little babies are, we aren't millionaires yet.  Hard to believe, right?!?!?

So this is our pity party and you are invited!  We are selling $5 sleeves of 5 Crumbfulls.  Single flavor or assorted.  They are Just perfect for stocking stuffers or teacher gifts.

Our featured flavors include Sympathy S'Mores, Chip-In Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Pathetic Pistachio, Pity Peanut Butter Pretzel, Compassion Cookies Cream and Charity Chocolate Peanut Butter.*  We also have Lamenting Lemon Bar but those can only be in single flavor sleeves because, though yummy, they tend to stink up the other Crumbfulls.

"O Christmas Sleeves!  O Christmas Sleeves!"

Please get your orders in by Monday December 13th so we can have them made and delivered to you in time for the holidays!

*Flavors subject to availability and time of order.